Spring 2021 Seminar Meeting Times

International Students:
check for your local time on the World Time Zone Map
and download the Registrar's Time Conversion Chart
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(PLEASE NOTE) Synchronous Expectation in Freshman Seminars:
These seminars are conducted in weekly sessions at the posted times.
Students must attend seminar classes live during meeting times.

SemNo Title Instructor Name Day Time
21G First Stars and Life in the Cosmos Abraham Loeb Monday 12:30-2:30
22T Why We Animals Sing Brian Farrell Thursday 9:45-11:45
23R Asteroids and Comets Charles Alcock Monday 6-8:15pm
31Q Literal Looking: What We See in Art Peter Burgard Wednesday 12-2
33O Animation-Getting Your Hands On Time Ruth Lingford Monday 12-2:45
40E Law and Society through the Cinematic Frame Ofrit Liviatan Monday 3-5
40P Making the Grade? Middle and High School Math Education in the U.S. Robin Gottlieb Wednesday 3-5
41U Museums in the Age of Covid James Hanken Monday 3-5
43J The Economist’s View of the World N. Gregory Mankiw Tuesday & Thursday 10:30-11:45

Clash of Titans, Seats of Empire: The Aztecs, Toltecs and Race of Giants in Ancient Mexico

William Fash Wednesday 9:45-11:45
51T The Universe: its Origin, Evolution, and Major Puzzles Cora Dvorkin Tuesday 9:45-11:45
51U Insurrection in a Little Kingdom—The Real Story of the Standard Model of Particle Physics Howard Georgi Thursday 6:45-8:45
51W Science Not Silence: Censorship and Secrecy from Copernicus to Climate Crisis Hannah Marcus Thursday 12-2
51X Changing Perspectives: the Science of Optics in the Visual Arts Aravinthan Samuel Thursday 12-2:45
52E Science and Technology Primer for Future Leaders Hongkun Park Monday 3-5
52G Nuclear Dilemmas Benjamin Wilson Thursday  9:45-11:45
52H The Interaction of Light with the World Melissa Franklin Thursday 9:45-11:45
61F Cartoons, Folklore, and Mythology Joseph Nagy Tuesday 12-2
62P War in Fiction and Film Justin Weir Wednesday 12-2
63K Copycat” China? Thomas Kelly Thursday 6-8:45
63M War Stories: Looking at War Through the Tales We Tell Drew Faust Monday 3-5
63S Surviving Your First Year at Harvard: Lessons of Resiliency From Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo Maria Luisa Parra-Velasco Tuesday 6-8
63T What Is Avant-Garde? Nariman Skakov Friday 3-5
63U Build a Modern Art Exhibition—Dig up Harvard’s Archives Felipe Pereda Wednesday 6-8pm
63V Video: The Medium of Everyday Life Karthik Pandian Tuesday 12-2:45
63W Vegetal Humanities: Paying Attention to Plants in Contemporary Art and Culture Carrie Lambert-Beatty Monday 12:45-2:45
64D Water Rights in the Americas James Mestaz Thursday 12:45-2:45
70Y Asian America Diana Eck Wednesday 3-5
71F The Origins of the Human Mind Susan Carey Thursday 3-5
72D Democracy and Education in America Robert Willison Tuesday 3:45-5:45
72E That Seventies Seminar: Discovering a Decade that Made America Jane Kamensky Wednesday 3-5:45

Everyday I’m Hustlin’: Pop Culture, Youth, and the African City

Daniel Agbiboa Wednesday 9:45-11:45

Cities in an Age of Pandemic

Edward Glaeser Monday 9-11:45
72L What is a Political Crisis? Charles Maier Thursday 3-5:45