Seminar Catalog Updates


Animation—Getting Your Hands on Time
Ruth S. Lingford (Department of Visual and Environmental Studies)
Freshman Seminar 33O       4 credits (spring term)    Enrollment:  Limited to 12

Note: No previous experience of drawing or animation is required. There will be an optional screening on Fridays, 1-3 that students are strongly encouraged to attend.

Students in this practice-based seminar will experiment with a variety of animation techniques to gain new perspectives on time. Using drawing, we will break down time into frames, understanding movement as both a liquid flow and a sequence of distinct infinitesimals. Using pixillation, a technique from the beginning of cinema, we will analyze and deconstruct human movement, then reassemble it for magical effect. Using strata-cut animation, we will attempt to think of time as a solid, and visualize the progression of time in terms of volume and shape. Using editing software, we will explore cinematic constructions of time though the use of cutting and juxtaposition. Each session will include screenings, discussion and practical work. There will be practice-based assignments each week. Each student will have the opportunity to make a film of around one minute, using an animation technique of their choice. Or they may decide to collaborate with others to make a longer piece.