Review Applications


starting at 10:00am on Mon, January 16
and the deadline is 4:00pm, Tues, January 7


Please contact us if you have any questions.
Toni Trainor, Department Administrator: 617-496‐3993
Nina Duncan, Program Coordinator: 617-495‐1523

How to Review and Rank Applications

We recommend that you use the browser, Firefox.
Some instructors have had difficulty using Google Chrome and Safari.

When the system opens for reviewing, click on the button above to enter the application system. You will be prompted to enter your HUID and PIN. Once the page opens, click on your seminar to begin the process of reviewing applications.

Accepting Additional Students

After the application period ends, we will post the list of seminars with open seats on our website on Thursday, August 25, 1:00pm and encourage first-year students to email you directly to request a spot. By default, we will not include your seminar on the list of those with open seats if you have two or fewer seats available. Please let us know if you’d like us to do otherwise.

Adding Students and My.Harvard Registration

Please note: if you accept students into your seminar via email, they will not appear on the preliminary class list. We regret that we cannot keep track of the students who add or drop your seminar via email. Please download your preliminary class list from our application site and use this to keep track of your open seats. Students on this preliminary list were already accepted by you and will be enrolled by the registrar's office and no further action by you or the student is required.

For students that you are adding after the initial application period, please remember that added students will not be able to enroll in your freshman seminar until you go online to give your approval in the website. Please log into the Teaching Portal in My.Harvard Teaching/Advising Portal. Student petitions are with the courses listed at the bottom of the page. Please click here for instructions about the process. Your official class list will be found here on the portal.

Course Registration Deadline - Thursday, January 19, 11:59pm (midnight)

Regarding all students you add to your seminar by email: instructors must "approve" a student's online petition in to give permission to enroll officially in a seminar.

About the Algorithm

Our matching algorithm is the creation of Alvin E. Roth, Nobel Laureate and George Gund Professor of Economics and Business Administration, Emeritus. He specializes in game theory and market models, and he created the matching algorithm for the Harvard College Housing Lottery (random match) and the New England Program for Kidney Exchange (paired match). His algorithm for the Freshman Seminar Program matches the student’s top choices in seminars against the instructor’s top offers in a random sequence to find the best mutually‐agreeable assignment for each applicant. We run the algorithm once each term and it matches students to seats until each applicant gets a seat or runs out of applications. In order to maximize assignments, there is no waiting list.