Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FTE or compensation rate?

A Freshman Seminar is ordinarily part of the annual 1.0 FTE limit of FAS instructors. This 1.0 FTE limit does not apply to non-FAS Faculty, who receive compensation for their seminar. Please contact Toni Trainor at 617-496-3993 or for information on compensation rate.

May I hire a CA or a TF to assist me?

Because the instructor plays an important mentoring role in small-group instruction, a freshman seminar is not provided with additional teaching staff. However, seminars with concerns about remote teaching or significant hours of science lab or studio art may request the hire of an Undergraduate Course Assistant or a Graduate Teaching Fellow to assist with course preparation. Please contact Toni Trainor at 617-496-3993 or for advice on your request.

May I set a prerequisite?

Some seminars, because of their specialized nature, require particular qualifications or appropriate academic background, and this fact should be specified in the course description. However, most instructors set no prerequisites other than an interest in the subject. 

Who reviews my proposal?

The Faculty of the Committee on Freshman Seminars meets throughout the spring to review all proposals.