Fall 2021 Seminar Meeting Times

Sem# Title FName LName Day Time Location
21I Evolution, Buddhism and Ethics John Wakeley Wednesday 12:45-2:45

Geol Mus 103A

21W Research at the Harvard Forest David R. Foster Thursday 9-11:45

TBA by email

22I The Science of Sailing Jeremy Bloxham Monday 6-8

Geol Mus 204

23C Exploring the Infinite W. Hugh Woodin Monday 12:45-2:45 2 Arrow St 420
23I GeoSciFi Movies: Real vs. Fiction Miaki Ishii Thursday 12-2:45

Geol Mus 204

23Y All Physics in 13 Days John Doyle Thursday 6:45-8:45

Jefferson 356

24G A Brief History of Surgery Frederick Millham Thursday 6-8:45 Robinson  106
24Q Microbial Symbioses: From the Deep-Sea to the Human Microbiome Colleen Cavanaugh Wednesday 3-5:15

1st Class only: Biol Labs 2033, then 2017

25N Finding Connections: Perspectives on Psychological Development and Mental Illness Nancy Rappaport Wednesday 3-5 Sever 111
25X How the Brain Becomes the Mind: A Bottoms-up and Top-Down Perspective Thomas N. Byrne Wednesday 6-8 Barker 218
26F Dreams: Our Mind by Night Deirdre Barrett Tuesday 3-5:45 Barker 211
26J The Universe's Hidden Dimensions Lisa Randall Tuesday 12-2 Jefferson 453
26K Transformative Ideas in Brain Science: War, Technology, and Disease Pioneered Discovery Jeffrey Macklis Thursday 3-5:45 Sherman Fairchild 268
26O Changing Our Mind: Evolving Thoughts on Brain Regeneration Paola Arlotta Monday 9:45-11:45 Sherman Fairchild G62
26W The Biology and Science of Cancer and Its Treatments: From Empiric to Scientific to Humanistic, The George Demetri MOVED TO SPRING TERM 2022    
27I Global Health: Comparative Analysis of Healthcare Delivery Systems Sanjay Saini Monday 12-2:45 Sever 105
30G Digging Egypt’s Past: Harvard and Egyptian Archaeology Peter Manuelian Tuesday 12:45-2:45 Barker, Kresge Rm 114
31J Skepticism and Knowledge Catherine Elgin Tuesday 3:00-5:00 Sever 205
33X Complexity in Works of Art Philip Fisher Monday 3-5 Sever 308
35N The Art and Craft of Acting Remo Airaldi Monday 3-5 Farkas 203
37Y Muslim Voices in Contemporary World Literatures Ali Asani Wednesday 6:45-8:45 Barker 024
40J Advice to Young Leaders David Armitage Wednesday 12:45-2:45 Harvard Hall 102
40P Appraising and Reimagining Middle and High School Math Education Robin Gottlieb Thursday 3-5:15 Sever 112
41K Human Rights, Law and Advocacy Susan Farbstein Wednesday 12-2 Sever 112
41P American Presidential Campaigns and Elections 1960-2020 Maxine Isaacs Wednesday 12-2:45 Sever 105
41R Media in American Politics Matthew Baum Thursday 12:00-2:30 Sever 112
42H U.S. Energy Policy and Climate James Stock Monday 6-8 Littauer M17
43C Human Rights and the Global South Jacqueline Bhabha (Elkins) Thursday 3-5 Sever 205
43W History, Nationalism & the Wor Sun Joo Kim Monday 3-5:30 Yenching Lib 214
49N Measurements of the Mind: The Creation and Critique of the Psychological Test Marla Eby Tuesday 3-5 Lowell B-14
50R What Do You See in the Night Sky? Roger Fu Monday 6-8:45 Science Ctr 804
50S From Galileo to the Big Bang Theory: Conflict and Dialogue between Religion and Science Karin Öberg Tuesday 9:45-11:45 Barker 218
50V Sea Monsters Peter Girguis MOVED TO SPRING TERM 2022    
50Y A Sense of Space (and Time) John Huth Thursday 9:45-11:45 Science Ctr 104
51C Science in the Age of Artifici Brendan Meade Thursday 3-5 Geol Museum 103A
51M Skin, Our Largest, Hottest, and Coolest Organ: From Cancer to Cosmetics David Fisher Monday 3-5:45 Sever 111
51P What is a Species, and How Do Species Evolve? James Mallet Monday 9-11:30 Bio Labs 2062/2064
51S Natural History Museums and the Anthropocene Charles Davis Wednesday 12-2:45 Herbaria 125
51V Physics of Measurements: Experimental Science Philip Kim Monday 12:45-2:45 Barker 316
52C Tree Wiliam Friedman Monday 3-5:45 Herbaria 125
52F Parts Unknown: The Dark Matter Amanda Whipple Monday 9:45-11:45 Bio Lab 2025
52K Knots, Braids and Colorings Peter Kronheimer Thursday 3:45-5:45 Science Ctr 530
52L Life and Death Lessons from the Fossil Record Javier Ortega-Hernández Thursday 9-11 Herbaria 142
52M Cosmic Variability: From Nearby Eclipsing Binaries to Black Hole Outbursts from the Very First Stars Jonathan Grindlay Wednesday 6-8:45 Science Ctr 804
60H Faith and Fiction in American History David Holland Tuesday 9-11:45 Sever 112
61Q Language: The Origins of Meaning Gennaro Chierchia Monday 12:45-2:45 Sever 201
62I Major English and American Poets: Human Predicaments and Resolutions Neil Rudenstine Wednesday 12-2:45 Sever 111
62J Harvard’s Greatest Hits: The Most Important, Rarest, and Most Valuable Books in Houghton Library David Stern Thursday 3-5:45 Houghton Lib, Hofer Room-G125
62O Fascism Past/Present/(Future) Jeffrey Schnapp Thursday 9-11 Barker 316
62U Zombies and Spirits, Ghosts and Ghouls: Interactions between the Living and the Dead Shaye Cohen Thursday 9:45-11:45 Museum of the Ancient Near East, 201
63C The Symphonies of Dmitri Shostakovich Anne Shreffler Thursday 3-5 Music Bldg Rm 4
63F Aliens, Artificial Intelligence, and Apocalypse: Ancient Mythology and Contemporary Film Charles Stang Tuesday 3:45-5:45 Sever 212
63J Islam vs. Image?: Visual Representations in Islamic Art David Roxburgh Tuesday 12:45-2:45 Art Museums, 4400
63L Memory Wars: Cultural Trauma and the Power of Literature Nicole Suetterlin Wednesday 3-5 Barker 359-Nebel Rm
63N Narrative Negotiations: How do Readers and Writers Decide on What are the Most Important Voices and Values Represented in a Narrative? Homi Bhabha Tuesday 12:45-2:45 Sever 112
63O Music and Community Claire Chase Thursday 9:45-11:45 Holden Chapel
63T What Is Avant-Garde? Nariman Skakov Monday 12:45-2:45 Art Museums, 0600
64H Our Borders, Our Lives: Creating, Dismantling, and Rebuilding Borders through Art, Literature, and Film Katie Daily Wednesday 9:45-11:45 1414 Mass Ave, 3rd fl, 320
64J Troy: From Homer to Hollywood Margaret M. Andrews Tuesday 9:45-11:45 Boylston 237
64K The Migrant Experience: Migration in Visual Culture Raquel Vega-Durán Wednesday 9:45-11:45 Boylston 335
64L The Juggler of Notre Dame Jan Ziolowski Wednesday 3-5 (longer on occasion) Boylston 237
64M What’s Wrong with American Journalism Morgan Day Frank Thursday 3-5 2 Arrow St, 408
64O Migratory Identities David Damrosch MOVED TO SPRING TERM 2022    
64Q Fun With Writing Phillip Howze Thursday 12:45-2:45 Farkas 203
70H Landmark Cases in American Constitutional History Michael Klarman Monday 3-5:45 NW Bldg, B106
70J Social Science and American Social Problems Mary Waters Tuesday 9:45-11:45 William James, 501
70K Morality, Leadership, and Gray-Area Decisions Joseph L. Badaracco Tuesday 3:45-5:45 Sever 308-starting 9/21
71G Americans at Work in the Age of Robots and Artificial Intelligence Benjamin Friedman Wednesday 3-5 Sever 105
71O The Heart of Medicine: Patients and Physicians and the Experience of Serious Illness Susan Block Wednesday 3-5 Sever 104
71R Dilemmas in the World’s Economy Elhanan Helpman Wednesday 3-5 Littauer, M-17
71Y Habits, Rituals, and Living the Good Life Michael Norton Wednesday 9:45-11:45 Emerson 318
72M Implicit Bias: Science and Society Mahzarin Banaji Monday 12-2 William James, 1510
72O Political Violence and Power William Whitham Tuesday 9:45-11:45 1414 Mass Ave, 3rd fl, 320
72P Corporate Power & Human Rights—Community Resistance and Social Movements Tyler Giannini Wednesday 12:45-2:45 Emerson 318