Spring 2023 Seminar Meeting Times


Genesis of Stars and Life in the Universe

Abraham Loeb Mon only one section: 12:30-2:30 Observatory: CFA-B105
21R The Evolutionary Transition From Dinosaurs To Birds: Fossils, Genomes and Behavior Scott Edwards Mon 12-2:45  Geology 103A
23K Insights from Narratives of Illness Jerome Groopman Mon 12:45-2:45 Sever 211
23S The Seven Sins of Memory Daniel Schacter Mon 9:45-11:45 William James Hall, B4
24K The Surprising Science of Happiness Nancy Etcoff Tues 3-5 Sever 302
24U How Did I Get Here?”—Appreciating “Normal” Child Development Laura Prager Tues 3:45-5:45 Harvard Hall 104
34J Broadway Musicals: History and Performance Carol Oja Tues 9:45-11:45 Music Bldg 4
36G The Creative Work of Translating Stephanie Sandler Thurs 9:45-11:45 Barker 218
40D The Transformation of Marketing Elie Ofek Mon 3:45-5:45 SEC Bldg, LL2.225 on Allston campus
40E Law and Society through the Cinematic Frame Ofrit Liviatan Mon 12-2:45 CGIS, Knafel 109
42C The Role of Government Oliver Hart Mon 3-5 Littauer Ctr M15
44J Clash of Titans, Seats of Empire William Fash Weds 9:45-11:45 Peabody Museum 12
51R Generating Biodiversity: Hands-on Research Experience in Speciation Biology Robin Hopkins Weds 3-5:45 (Note: time change) NOTE: first class on Weds, Jan 25 will meet at the Herbaria, Room 125, 22 Divinity Ave
52E Science and Technology Primer for Future Leaders Hongkun Park Mon 3-5 Naito 030
52J Is There Cancer on Mars? Giovanni Parmigiani Thurs 3-5 Sever 205
60K The Grail Quest of Marcel Proust Virginie Greene Thurs 3-5:45 Instructor will email where to meet.
63E Religion and the Human Mind: Thinking Philosophically About Religion Then and Now David Lamberth Tues 3-5:45 Barker Ctr 403
63N Narrative Negotiations: How do Readers and Writers Decide on What are the Most Important Voices and Values Represented in a Narrative? Homi Bhabha Weds 3-5 Barker 218
63W Vegetal Humanities: Paying Attention to Plants in Contemporary Art and Culture Carrie Lambert-Beatty Tues 12:45-2:45 Sackler Bldg 423
63X Happiness and Alternative Ways of Life Susanna Rinard Weds 12-2 Sever 215
64P Lyric Poetry: East and West, Then and Now Gordon Teskey Mon 3:45-5:45 Barker 114, Kresge Room
64R Caravaggio, Outrageous Peter Burgard Weds *12:30-2:30 Art Museum 4400
64W Legacies of a Powerful Woman: The Life and Afterlife of Empress Theodora Alexander Riehle Mon 3-5 Memorial Hall 302
65G Deciding What (And Who) to Believe Zoë Johnson-King Thurs 12-2 1414 Mass. Ave. 320
71M Global Capitalism: Past, Present, Future Sophus Reinert Weds 3:45-5:45 Sever 205
71O The Heart of Medicine: Patients and Physicians and the Experience of Serious Illness in the Age of COVID-19 Susan Block Tues 3-5 Sever 211
72D Democracy and Education in America Robert Willison Tues 3-5 1414 Mass. Ave. 320
72X Holding Politicians Accountable Julie Weaver Mon 12-2 1414 Mass. Ave. 320
72Y Radical Actors: The Role of Public Education in American Social Movements Nicole Simon Weds 12-2:45 1414 Mass. Ave. 320