Video: The Medium of Everyday Life





Karthik Pandian (Department of Art, Film, and Visual Studies)
Freshman Seminar 63V   4 credits (spring term)     Enrollment:  Limited to 10

Video is fast becoming the medium of everyday life. We use it to communicate, learn, entertain, inform, and express ourselves. At the same time, we are often used by "it"—manipulated, programmed, influenced, distracted, fooled. In this production seminar, we will explore the medium of video by putting works of contemporary art into dialog with memes, viral videos, and other social media from the present moment. Artists whose work we will look at represent a broad range of backgrounds and experiences, motivating us to consider how video engages questions of race, class, gender, and sexuality. Over the course of the term, students will create a series of videos inspired by these discussions, drawing on technical workshops introducing the basics of shooting, editing, and publishing videos. 

Note: No experience with video production is necessary and all materials will be provided with no cost to the student.

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