Fun With Writing





Phillip Howze (Department of Theater, Dance, and Media)
Freshman Seminar 64Q 4 credits (spring term) Enrollment:  Limited to 12

Writing can be fun. By “writing”, we don’t only mean the act of putting pen to paper, or fingers to computer keys to type. Writing is the ancient, conscious act of choosing words or texts or images and composing them in such a way to create an intended effect. Yes, writing is an intentional process… but not one which has to be necessarily painstaking. What if, first and foremost, writing was fun? This is the question we’ll explore and enact, while also getting to know our fellow classmates, in this generative, art-making seminar. Weekly, we’ll create both individually and together, engaging writing across a variety of forms­­­­—from gaming to publicity to food—to reacquaint ourselves with the joys of what it might mean to craft words creatively, theatrically, and collaboratively.

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