The Economist’s View of the World





N. Gregory Mankiw (Department of Economics)
Freshman Seminar 43J     4 credits (spring term)     Enrollment:  Limited to 12

This seminar's goal is to probe how economists of various perspectives view human behavior and the proper role of government in society. Each week, seminar participants will read a brief, nontechnical, policy-oriented book by a prominent economist. The participants will then discuss the work's strengths and weaknesses, exploring the positive scientific judgments and normative value systems that underlie each author's policy prescriptions.  Each week, as preparation for the class meeting, each seminar participant is expected to send the instructor a brief email describing his or her views of the week’s reading.  In addition, each participant will have the opportunity to write his or her own essay addressing an economic policy issue. The essay will be read and discussed by all seminar participants.

Note: Students are expected to have had some background in economics, such as an AP economics course in high school or Economics 10a in the fall term or simultaneous enrollment in the spring term.

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