Broadway Musicals: History and Performance





Carol Oja (Department of Music)
Freshman Seminar 34V  4 credits (spring term)  Enrollment:  Limited to 12

Note: Student musicians and actors are welcome in the course, as are students who love to watch shows but not necessarily perform in them. Ability to read music is desirable but not required.

This seminar will explore a core group of Broadway musicals. Historical, musical, and theatrical discussions will be paired with student performances and staging of individual scenes (done under the guidance of Allegra Libonati from the A.R.T. Institute). The seminar will touch on signal moments over the course of the “Golden Age” of the musical, stretching up to the present day: Oklahoma! (1943), South Pacific (1949), West Side Story (1957), A Chorus Line (1975), Wicked (2003), and In the Heights (2008). The class will attend a performance of Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music at Boston's Huntington Theatre. Blending historical study and hands-on practice, this seminar aims to offer a wide range of perspectives on the interpretation and performance of Broadway musicals.

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