FSP Video

Hear what freshmen and instructors say about their Freshman Seminar experiences!

The Freshman Seminar Program was established in 1959 to provide small-group instruction to freshmen in the College, and thus to encourage close and early contact between undergraduates and members of the faculty. Freshman Seminars ordinarily involve one faculty instructor and twelve freshmen who meet weekly for 2-3 hours around a topic of mutual interest. Seminars are discussion-based, and thus free both the instructor and the students from the usual constraints of a lecture course, such as exams and letter grades. Students are instead awarded a grade of SAT/UNS which counts towards the fulfillment of requirements for graduation. Freshman Seminars cover a wide range of topics in a vast number of fields and disciplines. In 2013-14, we enrolled over 1200 freshmen in 124 seminars taught by members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences as well as faculty from the graduate schools of Design, Divinity, Education,Government, Law, Medicine, and Public Health.